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Irene Villa, a journalist, recently posed for photos at the ‘The Top 100 Women Leaders of Spain’ gala in Madrid, Spain. She is currently experiencing a personal moment in her life and has expressed the importance of having her father, Luis Alfonso Villa, accompany her to the altar in her second wedding with David Serrato. Unfortunately, Irene’s father is in a delicate state of health after suffering from acute biliary pancreatitis. She hopes for a quick recovery so that he can attend the wedding.

In a message to her father in front of the cameras, Irene Villa expressed her desire for him to recover quickly, saying, “Daddy, it’s not your time, not yet, heaven can wait.” She also mentioned the upcoming events, such as her niece’s communion and her sister’s wedding, where she would like her father to be present.

Despite the challenging situation, Irene acknowledges that they have been fortunate with the diagnosis and treatment. She expressed gratitude for the care her father received at the Gómez Ulloa Hospital, recalling how the hospital had also saved her 32 years ago.

Irene Villa also spoke about her relationship with her future husband, David Serrato, and her children. She emphasized the importance of her children and how well they have welcomed David into their lives. She mentioned that her children prefer to sleep with David and go into his arms before hers, highlighting the significance of family in her life.

Additionally, Irene expressed happiness for the wedding of Nuria Fergó, despite some past quarrels. She stated, “I’m glad that everyone is happy and gets married, everyone’s obligation is to be happy.”

Overall, Irene Villa’s personal journey and the challenges she is facing have brought to light the importance of family, health, and happiness in her life. She remains optimistic and hopeful for the future, looking forward to her upcoming wedding and other family events.

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