iQiyi Blocks Certain Content from HDMI Playback

Chinese Broadcasting Giant, iQiyi Prohibits Access to Certain Contents via HDMI Adaptor

Chinese broadcasting giant iQiyi has confirmed the prohibition of HDMI access of certain contents at the request of the copyright owners. The measure was declared on Monday via Weibo, a Chinese platform similar to Twitter, censored in China.

The statement revealed that this policy change has been welcomed by the industry and shall be implemented for all users, both paid subscribers and not. It can be attributed to Digital Rights Management (DRM). This announcement comes on the back of the criticism encountered by the company, who had recently limited the quality of projections via wireless connection to a maximum resolution of 480.

Users of the platform responded harshly to the announcement with comments expressing their dissatisfaction with the new ‘matryoshka subscription system’. Similarly, it also drew criticism from users of other platforms, such as the American Netflix, after they were met with similar situations while attempting to connect Apple devices with the iOS 16 operating software via HDMI.

The decision made by iQiyi is one of the first few official responses from companies in the sector this year.

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