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‘Investigation team’ uncovers the issue that hurts us all the most: A scandal

After revealing the secrets of coffee, which surely surprised many, Research team come back tonight with a new reportage that will give a lot to talk about. Gloria Serra and his team set out to find the answer to one of the issues that has concerned all of us Spaniards the most for a long time.

As we have all been able to verify, the general rise in prices in the world of hospitality is one of the most discussed topics. reporters You will find some examples of the most scandalous that some consumers have suffered.

Paying 9 euros for a coffee, for nobody’s bread or a fish that can cost 160 euros after it appears on the menu as “according to the market”, are just a few. The program will analyze these dunks that we suffered much more than a few years ago.

There will also be time to analyze one of the issues that has been causing the most controversy for months, such as water in bars. Some venues are serving filtered tap water at a price of 2.70 euroswhich for many is just a way to get around the rule that requires you to offer a pitcher of water for free.

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But Research team you will find the biggest dives in Ibiza, where sunbathing in a double hammock costs 100 euros, price to which must be added plus 500 euros of minimum consumption. On the other hand, the price marked by the town halls is much cheaper: 10 euros per sunbed and 10 per umbrella.

Gloria Serra, presenter of Investigation Team
Gloria Serra, presenter of Investigation Team

There will also be time for reporters to visit fairs and popular festivals, where food and drink stalls are much more expensive than some restaurants. The trendy dish the scallops, has become a real claim for many locals and that does not stop rising in price.

Research team broadcast tonight, starting at 10:30 p.m., the report dunksin it prime time of the Sixth.

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