Investigation into FPF president at Alianza Lima stadium


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The Prosecutor’s Office is conducting an investigation in Matute regarding Agustín Lozano, the president of the Peruvian Federation of Football (FPF), and other members of the institution. The investigation is being carried out by the Third Specialized Corporate Supraprovincial Prosecutor’s Office against Organized Crime.

The Prosecutor’s Office visited the Alejandro Villanueva stadium of Alianza Lima to gather information. As of now, Alianza Lima has not provided details about the procedures conducted at the stadium. Agustín Lozano has also not made any new statements regarding his case.

Agustín Lozano has been under investigation for the distribution of FPF money to professional soccer clubs and departmental soccer teams. The amount distributed to each sports institution is estimated to be around 250 thousand soles. Additionally, it was reported that Agustín Lozano made significant payments with a value of 25 million soles using the Federation card without the consent of the Board of Directors.

Other individuals involved in the case include Sabrina Martín Zamalloa, the Deputy General Secretary of the FPF, and Jean Marcel Robilliard, the Former Secretary of the Board of Directors. The presidents of League 1 and League 2 teams have also been under investigation.

Last year, the Prosecutor’s Office conducted three raids on the National Sports Village (Videna) and discovered that outsiders were living on the sports complex facilities. Agustín Lozano took over as the president of the Federation in December 2018, and since then, the case has been ongoing.

On January 2, the Public Ministry summoned officials from 14 Peruvian soccer clubs, including Alianza Lima, to present their testimonies between January 15 and March 8. These clubs include Alianza Atlético, Atlético Grau, Sport Huancayo, ADT, Cienciano, Cusco FC, Deportivo Garcilaso, Carlos Stein, El Pirata, Juan Aurich, Los Caimanes, and Deportivo Coopsol.

The investigation is ongoing, and the Prosecutor’s Office is working to gather more information in the case against Agustín Lozano and other members of the Peruvian Federation of Football.

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