Investigation into Excesses in Brasília Leads to Increased Security

Security Beefed Up After Vandalism in Brasilia Following Bolsonaro Supporters Attack

Brazil’s capital Brasilia announced on Monday to increase security amid vandalism at the headquarters of public powers by followers of former president Jair Bolsonaro. Celina Leao, interim governor of the Federal District, announced the number of military police officers around the “Ministries Esplanade” and the presidential palace, Congress and the Supreme Court will be increased “immediately” from 248 to 500.

The security of the Federal District is already under control of the federal Executive by presidential decree since the violent attack which occurred on January 8. Brazilian Attorney General’s Office has formally denounced 39 people linked to the attacks for six crimes, among which are a coup d’etat, criminal association and damage to property.

The arrest of one of the alleged organizers of the attack comes as the authorities seek to determine why there was a lack of security that allowed the attack to occur. More than 2,000 people were arrested and 1,159 remain detained while the preliminary hearings are going on.

The violent attack on the public powers of the capital raise concerns regarding security in the city, which has been declared “National Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO in 1987.

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