InterviewMariana Meza On Body Positivity

Mariana Meza attends world championships utilizing CrossFit to overcome stereotypes

Mariana Meza, a native of Mexico, has found her great passion in All sports CrossFit. She uses CrossFit as a training technique that has not only improved her physical potential, but for many other serves as a global competitive discipline.

At the world championships of CrossFit, Meza used the unique sport to overcome stereotypes and prove doubters wrong. While her home country of Mexico often succumbed to stigmas regarding female athletes, Meza was able to use physical activity as a way of going against the norm and proving that gender was not a factor when it came to sports.

As a way to show how she combines a global competitive passion with personal experience and physical improvement, Meza attended the world championships. She used her CrossFit skills to not only show how she had developed beyond expectations, but also to prove why overcoming stereotypes was so important to her cause.

At the end of the competition, Meza showed off her skill and commitment to going against the grain- proving that anybody can be successful, regardless of gender. Her presence at the championships demonstrated that CrossFit has had an immense impact on Mariana’s life and the lives of many others in her home country.

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