Instagram Introduces New Feature with Reaction Button Activation

Instagram Reactions Set To Get A Boost With New Animation Feature

Users of Instagram will soon be able to enjoy a more visually appealing reaction function, with a new animation feature, as found by a leak from Alessandro Paluzzi. The feature will essentially see the relevant emojis make a jump and land directly onto the message to which users are reacting.

It is no secret that many people prefer Instagram for communication in comparison to WhatsApp, as the photo application has many options, including the widely-anticipated reactions feature. The upcoming animation feature could be the thing that makes Instagram chats much more expressive than before.

As of yet, there is no clear indication of when this feature will be available on the messaging application, but it will no doubt be welcomed when it does arrive.

Until this leap in animation is added, users still have the normal reactions feature that can be used by simply pressing and holding on a message, after which a box of available emojis will appear. This makes it a very flexible option, allowing users to choose the ideal emojis to reflect their emotions.

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