Instagram Admits Overly Aggressive Video Recommendation Tactics

**CEO of Instagram Rules Out Changes in the Video Format on the App**
Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, recently addressed concerns by content creators and photographers in a story on his personal profile. In the past year, the influx of videos onto the platform has been higher than that of photos, causing worry among the app’s users.

Mosseri stated that he had “focused too much” on videos, instead of photos, and understood the discomfort of photographers. In response, he confirmed that they are actively seeking out ways to balance the content recommendations, and reduce the number of bots and spam on the platform.

He reiterated that, though videos may be providing more data and are becoming more popular, Instagram is still working on a way to return to its roots of emphasizing photos. Mosseri’s comments followed reports of other social networks, such as TikTok, making moves to stay competitive in a society where video formats are the most attractive type of content on the internet.

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