Insomniac has been developing some very cool new technology for Spider-Man 2.


In a recent Twitch stream, Insomniac Games revealed that they are currently working on new technology related to dialogues that will be implemented in their next game. While it is uncertain which game will feature this innovative technology, it is speculated that it could be either Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or Marvel’s Wolverine.

Despite being scheduled for release in fall 2023, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been shrouded in mystery, leaving fans eager for any news regarding the game’s development. Meanwhile, little is known about Marvel’s Wolverine, which was announced at the PlayStation Showcase in September 2021.

Regardless of which game will incorporate the new dialogue technology, it promises to be a game-changer. Both Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine have commonalities, such as being exclusive to PlayStation 5 and potentially exploring darker themes. Insomniac Games has a track record of producing high-quality games, and the addition of the new dialogue technology only heightens the anticipation for their next release.

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With Venom set to make an appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the game is poised to be even more thrilling than its predecessors. Whether it’s the web-slinging antics of Spider-Man or the adamantium-clawed savagery of Wolverine, Insomniac Games continues to deliver video games that are both fun and enthralling.


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