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In today’s society, everyone has the ability to use technology from almost anywhere in the world, thanks to mobile phones and social networks. Even the Royal House is not exempt from this. On Sunday, February 4, Queen Letizia’s social media activity was analyzed on the weekend afternoon program ‘Fiesta’ on Telecinco. Journalist Alejandro Entrambasaguas detailed the Queen’s personal Instagram account, although it is not confirmed whether she uses other social networks such as Facebook, X, Tik Tok, or BeReal. It is believed that she keeps her Instagram account private, as one of the people she follows is her niece, Victoria Federica.

The account uses a false name to conceal the true identity of the owner, and no photos, posts, or stories have been published. This is likely due to the potential impact of discovering Queen Letizia’s account. Entrambasaguas mentioned that Queen Letizia closely follows the public events involving her daughter Leonor, as well as society’s reaction to her training as a future queen. She also focuses on her interests, such as music, cinema, fitness, nutrition, fashion, and writing. It was revealed on Telecinco that she follows an important indie music group, but the specific group was not mentioned. Additionally, she follows new novelists to track their progress as promising Spanish writers.

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