Innocent-looking Diablo 4 companion can defeat bosses solo


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Diablo 4 has recently entered its third season, bringing with it a plethora of new content. The latest update includes class changes, legendary skins, and much more. One of the most notable changes in the update is the transformation of the Seneschal, a previously overlooked companion, into a powerful boss-killing machine.

Initially, players felt that the Seneschal, a robotic spider companion, was not very useful. However, a change to the drop rate of Ruling Stones has completely altered its functionality. With the ability to level up much faster using Ruling Stones, players have discovered that the Seneschal can be configured to take on even the toughest battles.

Streamer Rob2628 has demonstrated the power of the Seneschal in a video, showcasing how it can deal billions in damage. He explains that he has carefully configured the build for the Seneschal after collecting and testing a lot of data. He also highlights specific abilities, such as Tempest and Firefly, which send explosive insects. With this setup, it is possible to defeat formidable foes like Duriel or Lilith in less than 5 minutes.

Additionally, players have found that Barbarians and Sorcerers are the best characters for transferring skills and improving the stats of their pets. Rob believes that each character will have a different way of empowering the Seneschal, and he has shared his discoveries in a spreadsheet for others to use in configuring their characters.

The latest updates have only increased the damage of certain skills, providing players with a significant advantage. The game has been well-received by fans, sparking theories such as the chase of rats in the dungeons or the size of the Giant Butcher. With the ongoing updates and discoveries, there is no shortage of excitement in the world of Diablo 4.

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