Infobae journalist brutally assaulted at Los Yuyos beach in Barranco


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Journalist Marylin Farroñay was the victim of a brutal attack on Los Yuyos beach in Barranco by a woman who appeared to be intoxicated. The incident occurred on Friday, February 2, when many people were enjoying the sun at the beach.

Farroñay, who was at the beach with friends, was suddenly attacked by the woman for no apparent reason. The woman bit her and threw a metal chair at her, causing injuries that required stitches. She also shouted insults and behaved uncontrollably.

Witnesses at the beach expressed solidarity with Farroñay and quickly notified the authorities. Security guards and police officers arrived at the scene and intervened. The woman, identified as Jennifer Geraldine Vera Sánchez, was taken into custody at the Barranco police station.

Initial reports suggest that the attacker was under the influence of drugs and was involved in an argument with her daughter before attacking Farroñay. The attacker threw a chair at Farroñay and continued to insult and threaten her.

Images shared on social media show the attacker heading towards Farroñay to continue the assault, but witnesses prevented the situation from escalating. Los Yuyos beach is a popular destination in Lima, especially during the summer season.

The incident is still under investigation, and authorities are working to determine the cause of the attack and ensure that the attacker is held accountable for her actions. Farroñay is receiving medical treatment for her injuries and is expected to recover. The community has come together to support her during this difficult time.

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