Influencer says Saruma was “the cool one” with Andrea Valdiri


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During an interview on Juan Camilo Pulgarín’s channel, Valentino Lázaro shared some insights about the relationship between Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma, which came to an end in 2023. The breakup surprised many of their followers, who had seen them as an exemplary couple in the world of influencers.

Initially, the separation seemed amicable, but speculation about the reasons behind it has been ongoing. What’s even more surprising now is the speculation about the early days of their relationship.

Valentino Lázaro, a content creator who had a close relationship with Saruma and Andrea, shared his opinion about Andrea when asked about the influencer who had disappointed him the most. He mentioned that he initially liked her energy and admired her dancing skills. However, he later expressed some negative views about her, which caused a stir on social media.

Lázaro also mentioned that when the breakup was announced, he was surprised to see many comments blaming Valdiri for the split. This was unexpected, as in the past, it was usually the men who were criticized in such situations. He also noted that both Valdiri and Saruma had blocked him on social media.

The couple had started their relationship in 2021, having met a year earlier when Valdiri was Lowe León’s partner. Despite the initial positive impression, Lázaro’s comments have shed new light on the dynamics of their relationship.

The breakup of Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma has caused quite a stir among their followers, with many speculating about the reasons behind it. Valentino Lázaro, a content creator who was close to the couple, shared some surprising insights about Andrea and her relationship with Saruma. This has led to a shift in public opinion, with many now questioning the dynamics of their relationship.

It’s clear that there is much more to this story than meets the eye, and as more details emerge, it’s likely that the public’s perception of the breakup will continue to evolve. Only time will tell what really happened between Andrea and Felipe, and how their relationship ultimately came to an end.

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