Infant Hemorrhages in Eye, Brain, and Spine: Suspected Abuse


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Darrion Fontenot, 22, has been accused of causing injuries to a baby, resulting in a brain hemorrhage, retinal damage, and spinal injuries, according to an arrest warrant. Fontenot’s bail has been set at $100,000, as per Bexar County records. The incident took place on Jan. 31, and Fontenot was arrested on Jan. 30.

The 5-month-old baby was crying incessantly, and Fontenot, in an attempt to stop the crying, may have thrown the baby onto the bed too hard, as he admitted to the authorities. However, when asked to demonstrate what he did, he backed away from his initial comment. The injuries sustained by the baby are consistent with signs of rapid deceleration or acceleration, shaking, and rapid hypertension of the neck.

The baby was taken to the hospital after becoming unresponsive while Fontenot was caring for him while the mother was at work. Upon returning home, the mother discovered the baby’s condition and rushed him to the hospital, where the police were called due to signs of head trauma. Fontenot’s bond is currently set at $100,000.

In a separate incident, a mother and her boyfriend were arrested in connection with the death of 5-year-old Mercedes Losoya, who arrived dead at a hospital in San Antonio. The girl had multiple bruises, scratches, missing hair, teeth, and toenails, indicating signs of trauma and physical abuse. The autopsy results have not been released yet.

Court documents suggest that the mother wanted to “discipline” the girl and asked her partner for help. The accused blame each other for subjecting the girl to various types of child abuse, with the woman accusing her partner of putting dog feces in the girl’s mouth and knocking out her teeth, while the man accuses the woman of beating the girl with a belt and rings. Both have been arrested in connection with the girl’s death.

These incidents highlight the importance of protecting children from abuse and the need for swift justice in such cases. It is crucial for authorities to thoroughly investigate and prosecute individuals responsible for harming children to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future. The community must also come together to raise awareness and support measures to prevent child abuse and protect vulnerable children.

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