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The Mount Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupted on Sunday, spewing thick columns of ash as high as 3,000 meters and spreading hot ash clouds over several kilometers. The eruption killed at least 11 climbers, with 12 others still missing.

The Search and Rescue Agency in West Sumatra is leading the effort to find the missing individuals. Rescuers found 11 bodies of climbers and rescued three others on Monday morning. Eight of those rescued were rushed to hospitals with burns, and one had a broken limb.

Mount Marapi has been at the third highest alert level since 2011, indicating above-normal volcanic activity and prohibiting climbers or villagers within 3 kilometers of the peak. Despite this, about 75 climbers had started their way up the nearly 2,900-meter mountain on Saturday and became stranded.

Hendra Gunawan, the head of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation, emphasized the importance of adhering to the alert levels and safety regulations. He also noted that all of the climbers had registered at two command posts or online through West Sumatra’s conservation agency before they climbed.

It is possible that others took illegal roads or local residents were active in the area, but this could not be confirmed. The eruption also blanketed nearby villages and towns with tonnes of volcanic debris, causing widespread damage and disruption.

The situation is still developing, and rescuers are working tirelessly to locate the remaining missing individuals. The eruption of Mount Marapi serves as a stark reminder of the power and unpredictability of nature, and the importance of adhering to safety regulations and guidelines when venturing into volcanic areas.

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