India Celebrates National Day with Military Show of Unity

India Celebrates National Day with Military Show of Unity

India’s 74th Republic Day Celebrated with Military Parade, Air Show and Cultural Diversity

Yesterday, India celebrated its 74th Republic Day, showcasing its Military strength, cultural heritage and diversity. The iconic street in New Delhi, formerly known as Rajpat was renamed as Kartavya Path, witnessed the traditional Folkloric arms display, with the attendance of hundreds of Egyptian Army officials, for the first time without restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joining the celebrations was the Indian President Droupadi Murmu, along with her Egyptian counterpart and chief guest, Abdelfatah al-Sisi. The day marked the beginning with a homage paid to the military martyrs at the National War Memorial.

The parade continued with a colourful procession showcasing India’s different states, their dances and cultural events, and their weapons systems created within India. This year’s celebrations were highlighted by the presence of a contingent of women from the Central Reserve Police, followed by a naval march led by a female officer, raising national pride.

The Republic Day parade also displayed an air show including dozens of planes from the Indian Air Force to add a special touch to the country’s recognition of its 1.4 billion inhabitants. Marking the day that based India’s operational and Republican nation, this important ceremony puts an emphasis on India’s military MuSculinity and cultural diversity.

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