India Accused of Anti-Democratic Bullying Over Censorship of BBC Documentary on Modi

Censorship of BBC documentary on Modi in India: Anti-democratic bullying?

The Indian government’s heavy-handed response to criticism has been met with outrage by the international community. This week, tax authorities searched the BBC offices in New Delhi and Bombay, accusing the media outlet of not paying certain Indian taxes. The move was widely seen as a punitive measure against the broadcaster for airing a documentary critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Opposition and billionaire George Soros have denounced the government’s anti-democratic intimidation, but the government has denied any wrongdoing. The Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs dismissed the accusations, saying that those who criticize Modi’s government have a “euro-atlantic vision of democracy” and are disrespecting the Indian people.

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The incident has raised serious questions about the state of democracy and freedom of the press in India. The government’s reaction to criticism has been widely condemned, and the international community is watching closely to see how the situation develops. It remains to be seen whether the government will take action to protect freedom of the press and ensure that all voices can be heard.


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