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Guti, also known as José María Gutiérrez, recently appeared on the program ‘El Chiringuito’ hosted by Josep Pedrerol to discuss Joao Félix’s situation at Barcelona. Guti expressed his opinion that Joao Félix is partly to blame for his struggles, citing the player’s mentality as a contributing factor. He believes that Joao Félix often becomes frustrated and blames the world for his problems, rather than taking responsibility for his own actions. Guti emphasized that Joao Félix is a talented player who needs to make changes in order to reach his full potential.

As for Barcelona, Guti believes that Joao Félix should always be on the field, as he has the ability to make a significant impact on the game. Drawing from his own experience as a footballer at Real Madrid, Guti pointed out that there were players who may not have worked as hard, but were still able to score goals when given the opportunity. He stressed the importance of understanding and utilizing the strengths of each player in order to achieve balance on the team.

In addition to discussing Joao Félix, Guti also analyzed Vinicius’ performance in a recent derby against Atlético Madrid. He expressed frustration at Atlético’s ability to score four goals against Real Madrid at the Metropolitano, and asserted that Real Madrid has the best squad in Spain.

Overall, Guti’s insights shed light on the complexities of football and the importance of mentality, teamwork, and utilizing players’ strengths to achieve success on the field. His perspective offers valuable lessons for both players and fans alike.

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