In Argentina, banknotes are painted to keep up with inflation.

The world rejoiced for Argentina, as their beloved national hero Lionel Messi brought them victory in the FIFA World Cup. Messi, who hails from humble beginnings, has been a key symbol of the country’s perseverance in the face of difficult economic conditions.

The joy over their victory has been reflected in Messi’s latest project, where he looks to capture the struggles of inflation, and how it has spread its affect across the Argentine workforce. “My work reflects how inflation is lived, how it spreads. Ultimately it affects all of us, our lives and our purchasing power, the way we overcome this crisis,” he said.

In the face of inflation and a crisis, Messi has represented courage and strength to his countrymen and women. It can be said that Messi has brought a sense of heroic glamour to Argentina, and inspired all of us to face our struggles with resilience.

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