Imaz (Repsol): It is unethical that gas cannot be explored and produced in Spain and brought from the US


He Repsol CEO, Josu Jon Imazhas affirmed this Thursday that, in his opinion, it is «unethical» that in Spain it is not possible to explore and produce gas natural “and we have to bring it from USA», and has affirmed that what is ethical is «to produce the oil and gas that the world needs». Imaz This is how he responded at the oil company’s shareholders’ meeting to questions from a representative of Ethical Finance who considered that the company should lower its production.

Joshua Jon Imazwho this Thursday has been re-elected by the shareholders’ meeting as director for a new period of four years, has told the representative of Ethical Finance that “if they want to be ethical, they also have to worry about security of supply and prices.” He has added that “if this company stops producing”, the prices of hydrocarbons will become more expensive and families will not be able to pay for the energy in their homes.

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He has also said that he thinksunethical» That it is not possible to explore and produce natural gas in Spain and that it has to be brought from USAleaving a significant carbon footprint, since it has to be transported from that country and often ends up in a combined gas cycle to generate electricity.

He has also responded to the Ethical Finance representativewho has criticized the Repsol’s “billion-dollar” profits In the last year that he would have liked to hear him say the same in 2019 and 2020, years in which the company had losses, “and it had them as a responsibility.”

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3,400 service stations open

He recalled that in the confinement by the covid-19 Repsol kept 3,400 service stations open and it had five refineries producing to wear masks, so that the Police could circulate and so that carriers could take products to supermarkets. He also pointed out that since 2016 Repsol has lowered its CO2 intensity index by 10% and the carbon footprint more than the world, Europe and Spain

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