I’m Proudly Plus-Size: Flaunting My Tummy Tattoo in Crop Tops


Plus-Size Woman Embraces the Summer Tattoo Trend

A new trend has emerged for the summer season, and it involves showing off bold ink on the belly. A TikTok user, Karina Martinez, popularly known as @mskarinae, has encouraged others to join in, especially those who are plus-size. In a video, she shared that she’ll be flaunting her tummy tattoo in crop tops throughout the warm weather.

The Trend Alert

“Tummy tats for the summer. Hot girl summer, makeout summer, whatever we’re calling it,” Karina said. She continued by saying that she wants to see chubby bellies with full tummy tattoos in crop tops. She went ahead to encourage viewers to get their tattoos as it is going to be the hottest accessory this summer. The video has attracted numerous comments from people who shared their views and experiences.

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Positive Impact of Tattoos

Some people shared their personal experiences with belly tattoos. One person revealed that getting a tummy tattoo helped them feel better about their belly after having children. Another person expressed their excitement to embrace the trend despite feeling insecure about getting torso tattoos as an apple-shaped individual. Additionally, some people shared their tummy tattoos, including those of a bee and a black mermaid, ready to be trendy this summer.

In conclusion, this summer’s hottest trend involves embracing tummy tattoos and showing them off in crop tops. The positive feedback from the TikTok video shows that people are ready to embrace their bodies, including areas they may have been insecure about in the past. It is a trend that anyone can follow, regardless of their body type, as long as they feel confident and are ready to show off their ink in style.

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