Illinois Fugitive Romeo Nance Intercepted in Texas


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After fleeing from the Joliet, Illinois Police, Nance was located in Texas by Medina County Sheriff’s deputies, DPS agents and US Marshals, at the intersection of FM 471 and Highway 35. There, at a Chubby’s gas station , the red Toyota Camry car, with plates Q730412, that Nance was driving from Joliet, Illinois, where he was wanted for multiple homicides, was intercepted. Young Romeo Nance, 23, allegedly took his life inside his car before of being arrested.

Allegedly, around 10:00 p.m., Nance barricaded himself inside the vehicle and took his own life before being arrested. According to witnesses, the vehicle had several bullet holes, so it is presumed that police officers had a shootout with the young man moments before. It is still unknown if weapons were found inside the vehicle. Romeo Nance was wanted for 8 homicides in Joliet, Illinois.

Last Monday, January 22, Will County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call at 2212 West Acres Road, in Joliet, Illinois. Inside the residence they found 5 lifeless people apparently attacked by gunshots. It was confirmed that the multi-homicide had occurred a day earlier. Later, on the same street, West Acres Road, but at the residence marked 2225, officers found two other people dead, also with apparent gunshot wounds.

During the investigation, detectives identified Romeo Nance, 23 years old, as the alleged person responsible for these homicides. They also linked him to another shooting that occurred in Will County that left one more person dead and another injured. Said shooting allegedly occurred on Sunday, January 21. Illinois authorities launched an alert this Monday, January 22, warning of Nance’s danger, since he was allegedly armed. Although the victims have not yet been identified, it is suspected that Nance did know them, since the young man’s last residence coincides with one of the houses in which the homicides occurred.

Christopher and Ramón Preciado, who are father and son, were arrested for allegedly being involved in the murders of Savanah Soto and Matthew Guerra, where baby Fabián also died. Savanah was pregnant and about to give birth when she was shot to the head. Savanah Soto and Matthew Guerra were killed in a possible drug transaction that “went wrong,” San Antonio police said in an update to the January 3. Authorities arrested Christopher and Ramón Preciado, who are father and son. Christopher, 19, is charged with capital murder; alteration, destruction or concealment of a human body and abuse of a corpse. Meanwhile, Ramón, 53, faces charges of abuse of a corpse and of altering, destroying or hiding a human body.

Before the arrest of this father and son, authorities managed to obtain evidence when they found Savanah and Matthew killed in a Kia Optima on December 26. The officers managed to speak with the suspects of the crime. Ramón Preciado, the father, spoke first with the police when they arrived at his house after having found the car with the bodies of Savanah and Matthew , the police managed to find the pregnant young woman’s cell phone. There, they were able to see the locations where she was before her murder. Police identified an address where it was a residence. Upon arrival, they saw Ramón Preciado, who told them that he already knew why the authorities were in his home, the arrest warrant says. Ramón then told police to talk to his son, Christopher Preciado.

Ramón confesses to police helping Christopher, arrest warrant says According to the arrest warrant, when police spoke to Ramón, he He told authorities that he assisted his son in a place where they were captured on a security camera, near where they found the bodies of Savanah and Matthew. This place was an apartment complex. Christopher makes an “inconsistent” statement to the police Christopher’s version says that Matthew and Savanah went to his house to sell him marijuana, according to the arrest warrant. The 19-year-old made other statements that police said were inconsistent. According to him, Matthew pointed a gun at him, but Christopher managed to tamper with the weapon, which “resulted in the woman being shot,” the document says. Afterwards, the suspect said that Matthew pointed the gun at him again, but he moved it and he also ended up shot. According to police, this information is not consistent with the injuries Matthew and Savanah had. Authorities say it also does not match the evidence found in the Kia Optima when they were found dead on December 26.

It is still unclear where Savanah and Matthew were murdered Christopher Preciado told authorities that Savanah and Matthew had gone to their home, near where they found the victims’ bodies. There is no exact information about the cause of the shooting of Savanah and Matthew, nor is it clear where they were killed. However, the bodies were in his car on Danny Kaye Drive, where security video shows one suspect getting out of that vehicle, and another in a pick-up truck. Ramón Preciado told the police that it was him in that video, getting out of the Chevrolet Silverado truck.

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