Illa and Besteiro vow to bring unstoppable change to Galicia, focusing on coastal competition.


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The leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa, believes that change is inevitable in Galicia and that it will come through the socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Xunta, José Ramón Gómez Besteiro. Illa spoke at a rally in Pontevedra, stating that society is currently experiencing a new era with a different economic and social model. He questioned who will lead this change and whether it will be for the benefit of private companies or the majority of citizens. Illa emphasized the need for Galicia to transform and leave behind the inertia of the past 15 years.

Illa expressed his enthusiasm for visiting Galicia and acknowledged the contributions of Galicians to Catalonia. He emphasized the importance of embracing diversity and integration, rather than viewing it as a threat to identity. He urged political commitment and highlighted José Ramón Gómez Besteiro as the political leader to bring about change in Galicia.

Besteiro has committed to being the president for all Galicians and has pledged to achieve the transfer of coastal management powers. He believes that citizens will opt for change on February 18 and that the PSOE represents a reliable and secure change. Besteiro has also promised to make the AP-9 free of charge and to negotiate the transfer of coastal powers.

In his speech, Besteiro criticized the lack of investment in Pontevedra and called for a new chapter in Galicia’s history. He urged voters to work towards overcoming the past 15 years and to ask for the vote to bring about positive change. Abel Caballero expressed confidence in Besteiro’s victory and highlighted the potential leadership of Besteiro and Salvador Illa in the Xunta and the Generalitat, respectively.

The event also featured the local spokesperson for the PSOE, Iván Puentes, who emphasized the importance of voting on February 18. Paloma Castro, the number three candidate for the province, defended Besteiro as the best option compared to other candidates. Senator Carmela Silva praised Salvador Illa and appealed to voters not to support Alfonso Rueda.

In conclusion, the PSC is optimistic about the upcoming elections and is committed to bringing about positive change in Galicia. They believe that José Ramón Gómez Besteiro is the right leader to achieve this change and are calling for the support of the people.

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