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If You Need to Dispose of a Body: The Shocking Letter from Roberta Laundrie to Brian Revealed

If You Need to Dispose of a Body: The Shocking Letter from Roberta Laundrie to Brian Revealed

Brian Laundrie’s Mother Offered to Help Dispose of a Body in a Creepy Letter Released by the Court

The legal battle between the Petito family and the Laundries continues, and the court has recently released a letter written by Roberta Laundrie to her son, Brian. The eerie note suggests that she would help her son dispose of a body if the need arises. Gabby Petito’s loved ones believe that Roberta wrote the letter around the time of their daughter’s disappearance but the Laundries claim it was written before the road trip.

Roberta’s Letter Containing Other Phrases

Roberta wrote the note using a pen and in an undated period. It contains phrases that show her unwavering love for her son. In a text message, Roberta asked for the note to be read in its entirety. She expressed her love for her son, and insists that the letter is not related to Gabby Petito. The Laundries’ lawyer previously claimed that the letter is not relevant to the Petito family’s civil suit.

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The Letter Ended with a Bible Verse

Roberta ended the letter with a warning to her son to “watch people’s actions to know if they love you – not their words.” She also wrote a bible verse to express her love for her son. The verse stated: “Nothing can separate us: not hatred, not hunger, not homelessness, not threats, not even sin, not the thinkable or unthinkable can get between us.”

The release of this letter may provide more insight into the Laundrie family’s behavior during the investigation of Gabby’s disappearance. Gabby’s family hopes that the truth about what happened to their daughter will be uncovered.

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