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Steve-O, the star of “Jackass,” recently shared his struggles with sex addiction after overcoming drug and alcohol issues. He discussed his experience on a recent episode of StyleLikeU and Man Enough’s podcast, What’s Underneath: Masculinity. The 49-year-old revealed that going 431 days without intercourse after getting professional help was a crucial part of his recovery.

During the start of his career, Steve-O was out of control with drugs and alcohol, which led to dark times and acting out sexually. His mother’s aneurysm in 1998 also contributed to his poor mental health. He described the trauma as a suffering that shouldn’t exist and felt angry at any God that would allow it to happen.

Steve-O’s rock bottom came while filming “Jackass Number Two” in 2006. The cast staged an intervention when he began to spiral, leading to an involuntary 72-hour psychiatric hold. He was arrested for felony cocaine possession and reached out to everyone he knew, expressing that he was ready to die. However, he has been clean and sober ever since then.

His alcoholism led to a sex addiction, where he developed a pattern of infatuation with women and then losing interest after they fell for him. This behavior led to feelings of shame and treating others poorly. After staying celibate, Steve-O found the love of his life, stylist Lux Wright. They are currently engaged and have been dating since 2016.

Steve-O’s story is one of overcoming addiction and finding meaning in life. He is proud of the person he has become and is profoundly grateful for the positive changes he has made. His journey serves as an inspiration to others struggling with similar issues.

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