Ibai’s Incredible Transformation After 1 Month in the Gym and His Training Plan

Ibai Llanos and His Home Gym: From Gym Fails to Achieving Goals

YouTube streamer Ibai Llanos, alongside his personal trainer Valentin Colominas, invites us to take a virtual tour of his home gym in his latest video. Ibai has made many changes in the past month of training, both physical and mental.

The streamer’s gym comprises of an aerobic zone with an elliptical, a treadmill and a bicycle; a multi-station with low rowing, chest pull and different pulleys; a free weigh space with weights ranging from 2 to 25 kilos; a multipower for guided exercises and a leg flexion and extension machine.

The streamer also shared his training plan. He does pulldown with 60 kilos, low row with 52 kilos, leg extension with 77 kilos and leg flexion with 70 kilos. Thus, through the training, Ibai changed his mentality, ascertains his trainer.

At the end of the video, Ibai leaves a message of encouragement for anyone going through a difficult time. He acknowledges that everyone has different circumstances and should not let the video make them feel bad.

Ibai’s story serves as a motivation to everyone – that if one is willing to put in the effort, it is possible to attain one’s goals as well.

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