Ibai Llanos Considers Investing in Professional Football Team


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It looks like Xokas isn’t the only streamer thinking about investing in a professional soccer team. Ibai Llanos has also been considering it for a while, and 2024 might be the year he finally goes for it. The topic of the Galician streamer with Deportivo de la Coruña has brought back the idea for Ibai. During a stream, he mentioned his interest in investing, saying “I love Málaga, La Rosaleda is brutal.” He also talked about different categories of Spanish football and looked into the salaries of players and the value of teams in foreign leagues like Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay.

Ibai is leaning towards focusing on the Second or Third RFEF. He believes the budgets in these divisions are more manageable compared to the higher divisions. He mentioned that the Second Division would be too high for him, and he would prefer to invest in a Second or Third RFEF team. He explained his desire to invest in a Second Division professional football team or Third RFEF, drawing from his previous experience investing in the world of eSports.

Ibai recalled discussing the idea of investing in Murcia a while back. He emphasized that he wouldn’t want to buy the entire club unless the right opportunity presented itself. He expressed his excitement about the prospect of investing in the sports world and mentioned that if it happens, it would likely be focused on the next season.

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