Ibai Gómez Challenges Ada Colau to Compete in the Kings League

Ibai Gómez Challenges Ada Colau to Compete in the Kings League

Ibai Launches Challenge To Ada Colau In Kings League MeriStation

Ibai, the popular Spanish streamer and Esport player, has called out Barcelona’s mayor Ada Colau in a challenge to take part in the Kings League MeriStation.

The challenge, which Ibai launched live on his YouTube channel on Sunday, invited Colau to take a go in the popular video game tournament. During the video, Ibai made reference to the mayor’s own initiative to promote video games, mentioning that he wished to see if Colau really had “game spirit”.

The challenge comes just days after the mayor posted on social media about the importance of gaming culture in Barcelona. However, in the same post, Colau made sure to mention the importance of game limitations imposed by parents and encouraged responsible use of video games.

The audience reacted positively to Ibai’s challenge, as many feel that this is a great way for the mayor to stay in touch with younger generations. While the mayor hasn’t made any public statements about taking part in the competition yet, followers of Ibai and his YouTube audience now eagerly await a response from Colau.

Whether she accepts or not, Ibai’s challenge is sure to bring Barcelonans of all ages closer to the video game culture.

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