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Jamie Foxx was honored at the Critics Choice Association Awards Celebration of Cinema & Television Honoring Black, Latino & AAPI Achievements Monday night. The Oscar winner, 55, was presented with the Vanguard award by his co-star Jurnee Smollett. This was his first public appearance since his mysterious “medical complication” in April.

Foxx was visibly emotional as he accepted the award, fighting back tears and expressing gratitude for the overwhelming standing ovation he received from the audience. He spoke about his health scare, revealing that he couldn’t walk just six months ago and addressing rumors that he had been cloned.

He shared that he had been through some tough times and now cherishes every minute of life. He also expressed a new respect for his art and encouraged others not to give up on their passions. This appearance marked his first public appearance since his health scare earlier in the year.

Foxx last spoke about his health issues in July, thanking his sister and daughter for saving his life. He revealed that he had gone through something he never thought he would and clarified that he was not blind or paralyzed. The cause of his hospitalization earlier in the year remains unclear.

While details about his health scare have been kept private, his daughter Corinne revealed that he fell ill in the middle of production on his upcoming movie “Back in Action.” He publicly thanked his fans for their support in May, expressing that he felt blessed.

Throughout his speech, Foxx was emotional and expressed his desire for people to see him in a positive light, rather than during his difficult times. He admitted that he didn’t want people to see him with tubes running out of him and trying to figure out if he was going to make it through.

The actor’s emotional speech and public appearance were a significant moment for him and his fans. His vulnerability and gratitude were evident as he shared his experiences and expressed his newfound respect for life and art. Foxx’s appearance at the awards ceremony marked a significant milestone in his recovery journey.

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