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Hungary Approves Finland’s Entrance into NATO

Hungary Approves Finland’s Entrance into NATO

Hungary Ratifies Finland’s Entry into NATO

On Monday, the Hungarian Parliament, currently dominated by nationalist prime minister Viktor Orban’s party, ratified Finland’s entry into NATO. This move brings the Nordic country one step closer to joining the Atlantic Alliance.

Out of 199 seats in the Hungarian Parliament, 182 deputies approved Helsinki’s entry into NATO, while Sweden’s case will be discussed at a later date. Including Finland, 28 out of 30 member countries of the Alliance have ratified the accession agreement, with Turkey being the only NATO partner that has yet to ratify Finland’s membership, as well as that of Sweden.

Hungary’s debate and parliamentary vote on Stockholm’s and Helsinki’s entrance into NATO had been repeatedly delayed. Both previously neutral countries requested to be accepted into the Western military pact after Russia violated Ukraine’s territorial integrity in its violent invasion in February 2022.

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Ankara is expected to give its “green light” to Finland’s entrance into NATO in a short time. As Finland gets closer to joining the Atlantic Alliance, it will enhance the collective defense and security of the region, demonstrating the importance of maintaining a strong transatlantic bond in today’s unpredictable geopolitical landscape.

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