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Human Rights Commission Condemns Third Politician Murder in Ecuador | Gun Violence Update

Calls for an end to political violence in Ecuador have been made by the Inter-American Commission on following the assassination of a third politician in less than a month. The organisation urged the Ecuadorian government to thoroughly investigate the incidents and strengthen measures to prevent further violence. The most recent occurred on Monday, when Pedro Briones, a leader for the left-wing Citizen Revolution , was killed outside his home. Ecuador is set to hold snap elections on August 20, and this surge in violence has raised about the of candidates and citizens.

The assassination of Briones has prompted strong reactions from political figures in Ecuador. Luisa González, the frontrunner for the presidency and a member of the same political as Briones, called for urgent change and criticised the government for its perceived incompetence in tackling crime. Other , such as Jan Topić, have also campaigned on a tough-on-crime platform in response to the recent violence. This approach, often referred to as “mano dura,” or “strong hand,” has gained popularity in Latin America, particularly in El Salvador where President Nayib Bukele has implemented stringent measures to combat gang violence.

Briones’s death follows the assassination of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio on August 9 and the killing of Agustín Intriago, the recently reelected mayor of Manta, on July 23. Police are currently investigating all three incidents, and several Colombian suspects have been arrested in connection with Villavicencio’s assassination. The rise in violent crime and drug-related activities in Ecuador has raised concerns about the overall situation in the country.

The upcoming elections in Ecuador will play a crucial role in shaping the future direction of the country. It is imperative that appropriate measures are taken to ensure the safety of candidates, voters, and the integrity of the electoral process. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights’ call for action serves as a reminder of the urgent need to address political violence and establish comprehensive security measures in Ecuador. The government’s response to these incidents will be closely monitored, and its ability to maintain and security will be a decisive factor for voters in the upcoming elections.

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