HRW Reports: Human Rights Situation in Latin America ‘One of the Worst in Years’

Human Rights in Latin America Deteriorated in 2022, Says Human Rights Watch

Tamara Taraciuk, acting director for the Americas of Human Rights Watch (HRW), has lamented this Thursday (01.12.2023) the “very serious deterioration of the rule of law” in the region, according to the report presented by the organization.

Taraciuk pointed out to the “direct and frontal attacks against electoral systems, against the Judiciary, against the independent press, and against civil society” that countries in the region saw in 2022, not only dictatorships but also “democratically elected leaders that put the pillars of democracy at risk”.

Despite some “pyrrhic victories”, like Honduras or Brazil ousting their highly authoritarian regimes through elections, the head of HRW maintained that “great popular discontent over poverty, inequality, corruption and insecurity” was used in this “narrative of a savior leader who will solve problems”.

This region faces “chronic” challenges such as poverty (a third of the population lives in poverty), climate threat and deforestation, in addition to the high levels of violence throughout the region, highlighted Taraciuk, who also discussed the “enormous” exodus of people, mainly from Venezuela and Central America.

The head of HRW concluded by emphasizing that “the solution is more democracy and not less”.

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