How to obtain upcoming jade weapons in Overwatch 2?


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Blizzard and Overwatch 2 players are getting ready for Season 9, called “Champions.” New cosmetics, events, and a collaboration have been announced. Now, let’s talk about the changes coming to the Competitive mode. Blizzard has shared details about the new Competitive mode and the upcoming jade weapons on the official Overwatch 2 website.

The new jade weapons are on their way! Players can obtain one of these weapons for a total of 3,000 competition points. You don’t need to have a high rank to earn these points, you just need to play the mode. However, winning matches will earn you more points than losing. Blizzard has also mentioned “new competition points,” which will receive an update in the next season. Unspent Competition Points will be converted to “Classic Competition Points” when Season 9 begins. These classic points can be used to purchase the golden variant of the weapons, while the new points will be used for the jade variant.

Blizzard has also announced changes to competitive challenges that award additional competition points. Season 8 will be the last season in which end-of-season competitive challenges from Seasons 1-7 can be claimed.

In Season 9, players will see their rank updated after each match, giving them the ability to see “how much progress you gain or lose in each division.” The already known ranks will see the arrival of a new one: Champion. To ensure that everyone can enjoy the mode on equal terms, Blizzard has decided to reset the competitive rank of everyone. Players will have to go through 10 new placement matches after the reset.

In addition to these changes, Overwatch 2 has also announced changes to the amount of health of heroes and new passive functions. All heroes will regenerate 20 health per second if they do not take damage for five seconds. There are also role-based changes for Attack, Support, and Tank heroes.

Season 9 of Overwatch 2 is set to launch on February 13. Get ready for an exciting new season!

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