How to Get the New Android Auto Design If You Don’t Already Have It

The Android Auto redesign has been long overdue: Here’s how you can get it now

We have been patiently waiting for months for the new Android Auto design to be available for all Android users. And it looks like the wait is finally over! The new version of Android Auto is called CoolWalk and has been updated with more customization options as well as a new operating system which enables multitasking.

The new version of Android Auto was delayed since last summer half, hence the wait seemed to be quite eternal. However, the firm is taking their time to ensure there are minimal flaws and failures in the system. But that hasn’t stopped people from finding a way to install this new design.

If you are one of the lucky users who has the Beta version of Android Auto, you can install the new design by taking the following steps into account:

– Go to the link and look for the testing slots.
– Click on the ‘ become a tester’ button.
– Update the Android Auto from Google Play Store.

Once you are done with that, restart your device and plug it into your car. You will see that the new Android Home design is now divided into blocks with Google Maps dominating the rest of the open programs. This will help you prevent your co-driver from changing your screen while you are exploring the route.

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