How to download videos from Twitter without doing anything


In this article we are going to tell you how you can download videos from Twitter without having to install any type of application or anything similar. In Twitter there is a lot of video material that we can easily download, so take note of what you must do to be able to save all the material in video format that is of interest to you.

Learn how to download videos from Twitter

It is very simple, with this advice that we are going to give you from now on you will not miss any type of material that is of interest to you. When you find a tweet that has a video you want to download, all you have to do is reply to that tweet by mentioning a Twitter account that will download the video. just write @DescargarVid and wait a few minutes. After that time, you will receive a notification that you can download the video that is of interest to you. Simply press that notification and a tab will open in your browser, in which you can download the video of the resolution you want.

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Without tricks, without small print or anything similar, now it is easier than ever to be able to download videos from Twitter on your computer or mobile phone. The check video downloader It already has more than 60,000 followers And it makes something very simple for which we have always required some type of application or Internet searches.

Having any video document found on Twitter at your disposal is as simple as reply to the tweet you want with your usernameand automatically the magic will be done.

The social network Twitter appeared in 2006, by the hand of Jack Dorsey, who later sold the company. It is currently owned by tycoon Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and other technology companies. This network has always been characterized by being called microblogging, although it is already possible to write more characters. For this you must pay the subscription to Twitter Blue, which has been launched recently.

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The Twitter sale process was charged with controversy, as was the arrival of its new owner. There was even some rumor in which it was taken for granted that this time it was going to disappear, but finally none of that has happened. Meanwhile, you know The definitive trick to be able to download videos from Twitter without you having to do anything special.

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