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How the Left’s Prejudice Endangers Migrants and Enriches Human Traffickers in Rwanda

How the Left’s Prejudice Endangers Migrants and Enriches Human Traffickers in Rwanda

Rwanda slurs

The Left’s attitude towards Rwanda has recently come into question. Why do MPs from Labour and Lib Dem parties, as well as churchmen, object to flying illegal migrants to Rwanda? This support for the migrants helps traffickers earn money and risks more migrant deaths. The Rwandan High Commissioner in London has accused them of holding “outdated and backward” views of his country.

Greedy Beeb

The BBC’s ambitious expansion and craving for competition with commercial firms has hurt local journalism. Its latest venture is producing news for liberals in the US market while insisting its commercial arm will pay for it. However, the funding it receives from UK viewers is still crucial to the corporation’s main revenue. BBC should cut the public a break, scrap the license and see if they have enough subscribers to turn a profit.

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Right balance

It is unfair for transwomen who have gone through puberty as males to compete in women’s sports as they have an advantage over female athletes. Therefore, British Cycling has rightfully insisted that trans riders compete in an “open” category instead, preventing the theft of female athletes’ trophies and livelihoods. Emily Bridges, a top trans cyclist, has received criticism for calling the ruling “genocide”.

Remain strong

Germany’s recession has revealed Remainers’ inaccurate blaming of Brexit for the world’s economic woes. Despite Britain’s population increase of 606,000 last year and staff shortages, Brexit has not been the cause of the current issues. Since leaving the EU at the end of 2020, the world has been plagued by Covid and war, leading to high energy prices and food inflation. Meanwhile, the UK economy is still growing.

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