How Long Will Switzerland’s Rapid Population Growth Last?

Switzerland to Reach Nine Million Inhabitants Very Soon
Switzerland is set to reach the population milestone of nine million inhabitants in 2023. According to the latest demographic census, the country already registered 8,935,707 inhabitants, a figure that includes the foreign population. This rapid population growth has been spurred on by strong immigration, which is predicted to remain a key issue in the upcoming federal elections.

The growth is also associated with other factors, such as the free movement of people. Between January and June of 2022, immigration increased by 21%. The Center Democratic Union (UDC/conservative right), however, strongly critiques “excessive immigration”. In response, the main party is attempting to find a way to put an end to the trend.

The Swiss Employers’ Union maintains that without immigration, the country’s economic growth would not be possible. The population is also aging, with the median age rising from 31 to 40 in half a century. This evolution affects the labor market and citizens’ preference for part-time work has only made the need for immigrants more pressing.

Finally, the Greens point out that the demographic pressure goes beyond Swiss borders. Therefore, reducing the population to ten million may not be the best solution. To tackle the issue, they suggest strengthening development aid in those countries where the pressure still exists.

Environment, economy, energy, infrastructure and population growth are strategic issues that will be at the forefront of the upcoming federal elections. Switzerland will soon witness the weight of these questions being felt as the population continues to surge.

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