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How is the Selectivity note calculated to find out if you can access a career?

The university entrance exams, which are known as EvAU of EBAUalthough almost everyone continues to call him Selectivity, are celebrated in the month of June in its first phase and then it can be celebrated in July or September depending on the community in which you live. Once these exams are done, the students must wait for the result to be given, and with that, know if they have use enough to be able to access the desired career. However, this note is not achieved only with these tests, so it will be good to know how the Selectivity note is calculated to know if you can access a career.

How the Selectivity note is calculated

The Selectividad 2023 starts the first week of June in many communities, although in others it will be held later in the same month. In this way, it will be shortly when the students face tests that are decisive in their future. Once the exam of each matter that is examined is done, it will be good to know the note as soon as possible, so that they can get an idea if they are going to have chances of entering the desired career.

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So let’s be clear about how the Selectivity mark is divided, since it is not only the mark of the EBAU tests. In fact, the final grade of each student when taking the Selectivity exam is obtained from a weighted way between the mark that is obtained in Baccalaureate and that of the two phases of the EBAUboth mandatory and voluntary.

Thus, the Baccalaureate mark represents 60% of the final mark of the Selectividad, while the compulsory phase will be the remaining 40%, with 10 being the maximum mark of the sum of these two parts. Thus, we can understand that the minimum to pass the selectivity or EBAU tests will be a 4 since it allows you to weigh that note with the one taken in the baccalaureate. In the case of taking less, you will have failed.

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Do not forget, however, that those who appear at the voluntary phase can raise the final result by up to 4 pointsso they can get a maximum mark in Selectividad a 14, the limit of cut-off qualifications in universities.

And to be able to raise the note In the voluntary test it is essential to get a 5 or more, as well as to take a minimum of two subjects and a maximum of four, although in some communities this limit is three.

Selectivity Exams

In the compulsory phase students must sit four exams, among them History of Spain, Spanish Language and Literature, Foreign Language and the general core subject of the modality chosen for the test. Refering to voluntary phase, The exams can be of different subjects depending on your itinerary:

  • Bachelor of Science: Biology, Technical Drawing II, Physics, Geology, Chemistry.
  • Baccalaureate of Humanities and Baccalaureate of Social Sciences: Business Economics, Geography, Greek II, History of Art, History of Philosophy.
  • Bachelor of Arts: Performing Arts, Audiovisual Culture II, Design.
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Once the exams are done and the marks are obtained the cut-off marks are established to determine which are the students who can enroll in each of the careers of the different universities.

With this note we can know if the note obtained gives us to enter the desired career, so that It will be important to take it into account as well.

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