How Google Maps HD Functions

Google has just unveiled Google Maps HD, a revolutionary version of its map service designed to work in concert with Android Automotive systems. Currently, Google Maps HD is exclusive to Volvo’s EX90 and Polestar 3 electric cars. The Google Maps HD feature utilizes the car’s sensors, cameras, and LiDARs to read and understand the state of the road in real time. It also incorporates lane-specific information, traffic signs, and road barriers. This advanced technology is seen as a major leap forward in the integration of Google apps and services within vehicles and is seen to bolster the rise of autonomous vehicles. Google has been streamlining efforts to first bring Android Auto and now Android Automotive to devices, while Volvo and Polestar have agreed to join forces with Google in integrating its HD maps in their vehicles. It is predicted that the Google Maps HD feature will eventually become available on more vehicles, as the integration of Google apps into the vehicle software continues to expand.

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