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Houthis Note Positive Discussions with Omani Mediators

Houthis Note Positive Discussions with Omani Mediators

Omani-Mediated Talks in Yemen Aim To End War and Bring Stability To The Yemeni People

Today, the main Houthi negotiator, Mohamed Abdelsalam, announced on his Twitter account that Omani-mediated talks have been held in the framework of the efforts to put an end to eight years of war in Yemen. The talks focused on “humanitarian preparations” in the war-torn country, which the United Nations has labeled the “worst humanitarian crisis on the planet.”

The Omani delegation that has been mediating in the war arrived in Sanaa on December 21st in order to prevent an escalation after both sides maintained a truce for six months in 2022. That truce was announced on April 2nd under UN auspices and ended on October 2nd.

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Since then, the Houthis have conducted drone and missile attacks against government-owned oil export facilities and ports in an attempt to deprive the government of its main source of income. The conflict erupted in 2014 after the Houthis took up arms against the government of then-President Abed Rabo Mansur Hadi and seized control of the capital and other areas in the center and west of the country. This was followed by an intervention from the Arab military coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, in support of the internationally recognized government.

With these talks, both sides hope to begin paving the way for a comprehensive and just peace, and end the aggression and blockade which have plagued the Yemeni people during these eight years of war.

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