House of Representatives Vote Tally Revealed

Donald Trump’s involvement culminated in the election of Republican Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. This feat came after fifteen rounds of voting, due to the requirement of a two-thirds majority from the floor. Six Republicans abstained to remain independent. This election was a major event for the North American political-legislative machine.

The Speaker’s role is the third most important position after the President and Vice President. His job is to approve new national laws, direct the House of Representatives sessions, decide which bills and resolutions will be debated and appoint speakers during the debates. McCarthy will now lead the investigations into the Biden presidency and his family.

McCarthy’s main legislative agenda is to tackle inflation, rising crime and border security. He also plans to push through bills that reflect the Republican agenda. His agenda also includes investigations into the Biden administration, such as Hunter Biden and the Department of Justice and the FBI.

With the Speaker in place, House Republicans will be limited in their ability to pass bills with Democrats in control of the Senate and House White. However, this does not deter their ambitions as they intend to investigate and uncover the truth.

We will soon see how this saga unfolds as Republicans embark on their mission to annoy the Biden administration. Hopefully, Congressman Alfredo Pacheco Osoria, the Dominican version of Kevin McCarthy, will help us make sense of what happens.

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