Hong Kong to End Quarantine for Covid-Infected After Jan. 30

Hong Kong Removes Lockdowns After Vaccination Rate Reaches High Levels

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong City, John Lee, declared today the removal of lockdowns in the city, saying that it is a necessary phase for the territory to come back to normality. This announcement puts an end to almost three years of protocols which include a five-day isolation period for those infected in their homes or government facilities.

Lee pointed out that the decision was based on an assessment of risks and that the high vaccination rate in Hong Kong was also a factor for the removal of the lockdown. In December, the three-day observation period for arrivals from abroad was already removed after hotel quarantines for incoming passengers, which had lasted 21 days, were not mandatory in September.

Currently, masks keep being mandatory in all kinds of public places. Under a zero-tolerance policy against the coronavirus similar to the one applied in mainland China until few weeks ago, Hong Kong has been applying strict control since the beginning of the pandemic.

The news comes as a sign of hope and a step towards normality, after over three years of restrictions in the territory.

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