Hogwarts Legacy Brings Pure Magic to Video Games

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Hogwarts Legacy: Pass Through the Castle Gate to Experience the World of Harry Potter

A few days ago, FreeGameTips published an article about Hogwarts Legacy, our personal impressions of the game. This week however, we are taking a more in-depth and visual look into the game in the form of a video.

Our hands-on preview allowed us to explore the castle grounds and behold some breathtaking settings. We also got to indulge in several mini-games and a dangerous mission that took place in the middle of a forest.

Warner Bro’s Avalanche has developed Hogwarts Legacy as an adventurous role-playing game that includes wands battles and many occasions to interact with numerous characters. There’s much more to this game than what has been revealed so far; so far, we have only scratched the surface.

What sets this game aside is the dark story that will be revealed piece by piece with every progression in the game. Hogwarts Legacy combined with its amazing soundtrack promises an adventure unlike any other.

If you would like to join Harry Potter in this magical journey, follow him past the castle as he discovers the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

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