Historic Moment: Referee Issues First Ever White Card in Football Match

First White Card Shown in Football History in Portugal Coincides with Benfica Win

On Saturday, referee Catarina Campos made history as she showed the first white card in a football match. Unlike the yellow and red cards, this card is unique to Portugal, and rewards fair play behaviour rather than punishing it.

The match, between the women’s teams Sporting and Benfica, sparked an immediate response from fans. While some were perplexed, others applauded the white card.

The incident occurred shortly before the half-time break. When a player on the Sporting team complained of discomfort on the bench, doctors from both teams came to her aid, and she made a quick recovery.

In light of the medical teams’ response, Campos decided to take out the white card and represent both teams’ professionalism and sportsmanship. Benfica went on to win the game 5–0 in front of 15,032 spectators.

The white cards are part of an initiative by the Portuguese Football Federation to promote “ethical values in sport”. However, the cards have yet to be officially authorised by FIFA.

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