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Historic Apple Products Auction in US – Don’t Miss Out!

Admirers of Steve Jobs’ company will have a unique opportunity to appreciate and acquire a part of Apple’s history at the upcoming “Hanspeter Luzi Vintage Apple Archive” auction. This collection includes more than 500 Apple computers and devices gathered over decades by a Swiss professor and businessman. Erik Rosenblum of Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills commented, “All the products we have really shaped the zeitgeist and led a cultural change in the way we work, learn, operate and communicate, and even how we spend our free time.”

The auction will include items such as a 1979-1982 Apple II Plus complete with monitor, game controllers and disc slots, and a 1984 Macintosh, the ancestor of the modern Apple-logo flat panel displays. Rosenblum added, “All of these pieces are the grandparents of our iPhones and iPads and iMacs. It’s great to see the evolution.” This auction will take place on March 30th and is expected to draw attention from vintage Apple collectors, as evidenced by the recent sale of a 2007 iPhone for over $63,000.

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