Hispanic Workers Brave Arctic Cold to Provide for Family


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In Chicago, Illinois, the streets are empty due to the extremely cold temperatures. However, there are still some workers, such as garbage collectors, mechanics, and technicians, who continue to work despite the serious health risks posed by the weather. Oliverio, a mechanic, says that he cannot stop working because he needs to support his family. He also sees the cold weather as an opportunity to fix vehicles that won’t start due to the bad weather.

Oliverio has lived in Chicago for 20 years and has noticed that the temperatures are getting lower and lower. He shows his cracked hands to a reporter, reflecting on the need to keep working despite the cold. Other workers, such as Vicente Gualpa, a mechanic, and Miguel Ángel Herrera, a technician, have also been busy with repairs due to the cold weather.

The National Weather System has issued advisories and warnings in several counties in Illinois, with temperatures potentially dropping as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Despite these extreme conditions, workers are doing their best to dress warmly and adapt to the weather while carrying out their work.

In addition to the impact on workers, the freezing temperatures also pose a risk to pets. It’s important for pet owners to take protective measures to prevent their animals from developing health conditions or hypothermia. This includes keeping pets indoors in a warm, comfortable place during the coldest days, limiting outdoor time, and providing protective clothing for pets when they do go outside.

Jackets, sweaters, pants, and booties can help protect pets from the cold and snow. It’s important to remove this clothing as soon as they return home and ensure that their paws are dried and warmed. The American Veterinary Medical Association advises pet owners to watch for signs of hypothermia in their animals, such as whining, trembling, and anxiety, and seek veterinary care if necessary.

During extreme temperatures, it’s important to protect pets in their beds with blankets and ensure they have access to water and food to generate enough heat and energy to stay warm. Avoid bathing pets completely during these days and consider donating blankets or sweaters to animal shelters to help animals in need.

In conclusion, while the freezing temperatures in Chicago have had a significant impact on workers and pets, people are doing their best to adapt and continue with their daily routines. It’s important for everyone to take precautions and look out for one another during these extreme weather conditions.

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