Hispanic Woman Arrested for Human Trafficking in South Beach


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Alba Agenbroad, a 43-year-old woman of Peruvian origin, was arrested for several cases of human trafficking and prostitution, which are being investigated by the Miami Police. She turned herself in at the Miami police station and was later transferred to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. She called herself “Eva” and her victims were single immigrant mothers. Authorities have a photograph of Alba Agenbroad wearing a white bikini and a necklace that says “PIMP,” a term used for refer to a pimp.

Single immigrant mothers were the main victims of “Eva”, who also referred to them as “slaves.” According to police records, these women were sexually exploited in South Beach apartments. Local media also report that a prostitution ring operated from several apartments on Michigan Avenue, near Lincoln Road. It used electronic payment systems and promoted content on adult sites. The victims indicated that Alba Agenbroad threatened to report them to immigration authorities. The police report adds that a 9-year-old girl could be among those affected, after the arrested woman offered her help to promote her as a model.

In her ‘modus operandi’, Alba Agenbroad had a massage license granted by the Florida Department of Health and expected in August 2025. In addition, she was a registered agent for The Sublime Spa. But this office was just a curtain to cover her true intentions. The police report detailed that she took her victims to rooms that had a massage table, candles and a spa-like atmosphere. After gaining the trust of single immigrant mothers, she began to threaten them. Alba Agenbroad has five cases pending in Miami-Dade court, including three involving warrants. This Tuesday she appeared in court and was denied bail, due to other two cases of human trafficking, which are under investigation. Miami-Dade authorities ask citizens to call 305-471-8477, if they have information in this regard.

Chilling details were revealed this Thursday during the hearing to decide whether Derek Rosa, the 13-year-old teenager accused of murdering his mother Irina García, 39, in Hialeah, remains in an adult prison or is transferred to a juvenile prison. Rosa appeared in court this Thursday morning in a hearing that lasted more than an hour. Among those who gave their testimony at the hearing was a supervisor from the Department of Corrections of Miami-Dade youth wing where Rosa is being held. He was asked about Rosa’s conditions of confinement, in aspects such as her studies, playing sports and her possibilities of staying warm when it is cold.

During the hearing, one of the detectives from homicides in charge of the case and a chilling video of Rosa’s confession to the police was presented after the murder. According to the detective’s disturbing testimony, Irina García, Rosa’s mother, received 46 stab wounds, several of them in her face, presumably from her son Derek Rosa. The minor lowered his head and appeared to cry, while his confession to investigators was presented in court. Hialeah Detective Joseph Elosegui said Rosa had done several online searches that included “What is the best place to stab someone?” and “Is a small knife good for killing?” and “Is it easier to kill someone with a small knife?” and “Can a knife cut bones?”

In another shocking statement the young man says that on October 13 he went to school and when he returned he stayed at his house. And at approximately 10:00 at night he went to sleep and when he woke up he went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and went to the room where his mother was sleeping. Her grandmother, her father and other relatives were present at the hearing, as they have been at all previous hearings. Tomorrow, Friday at 8:30, the hearing will continue and two instructors from the Miami-Dade County School District, who teach classes at the center where it is located, are expected to testify. The defense is also expected to present its confession video.

Last week, photos of the murder weapon were released, as well as several surveillance images showing the victim, Irina García, 39, with her newborn daughter, and also her son, Derek Rosa when he allegedly shot her. attacks with the knife. The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office was in charge of publishing the photographs of the crime scene in the middle of the case against Derek Rosa, a 13-year-old Hialeah boy accused of stabbing his mother to death. Surveillance footage showed the victim, Irina Garcia, 39, holding her newborn daughter. Derek Rosa can then be seen standing over her, seconds before murdering her. A photo that Derek Rosa allegedly sent to a friend after killing his mother was also published. Derek Rosa faces a charge of first-degree murder for the death of his 39-year-old mother, Irina García, who was stabbed to death on October 12 at the Amelia Oaks apartment complex in Hialeah, Florida. On October 31, the teenager pleaded not guilty in a Miami-Dade court, and that same day outside his family declared that he should not be tried as an adult.

The recorded video by neighbors of the Hialeah area where a 13-year-old teenager murdered his mother, shows the moment in which the young man, identified as Derek Rosa, is arrested. José Rosa, biological father of the accused, asked for clemency saying that “what we ask for is a second chance to help him grow and to know that we are here to support him.” Derek Rosa’s relatives spoke outside a court, where the minor pleaded not guilty. Rosa, who will be tried as an adult, faces first-degree murder charges. “Don’t be confused, Derek is a good, affectionate, loving boy, this is not like Derek, no one knows Derek like we know him, and this is not Derek. (He) is not an adult at all, he is still a child,” said one of his relatives. Isabel Acosta, Rosa’s maternal grandmother, noted that “my grandson is the best child in the world.” The authorities revealed the complete emergency call that Derek Rosa made, after fatally stabbing his mother. In the chilling call, the 13-year-old teenager is heard talking to the 911 operator after, according to Hialeah police, he killed his mother with a knife while she was asleep. If you are a victim or know someone suffering from domestic violence, call 911, or 1-800-500-1119. You can also contact the Miami-Dade County Coordinated Center for Victims by calling (305) 285 5900 or the ‘Entre Nosotras’ Foundation at (786) 553 6165.

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