Highly-rated roguelike RPG to be released on mobile devices


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Loop Hero, a popular game developed by Four Quarters, is set to make its debut on Android and iOS mobile devices on April 30th. The game has already seen success on other platforms and is now ready to take the mobile gaming world by storm.

The goal of Loop Hero is to break the Lich’s time loop and free the world from endless chaos. Players must use a growing deck of mystical cards to equip powerful items for each hero class and expand the survivors’ camp to strengthen each adventure in the loop. Along the way, they will unlock new classes, new cards, perks, and devious guardians on their quest to break the eternal cycle of despair.

The game has received high praise from players and critics alike, with many considering it a strong candidate for indie video game of the year. It has been on the market for three years overall, launching on PC in March 2021, Nintendo Switch in December of the same year, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in April of last year.

Loop Hero currently has more than 30,000 user reviews on Steam, with many of them being quite positive. The game’s success on other platforms has generated excitement for its upcoming release on Android and iOS devices.

Playdigious has shared a new trailer for Loop Hero on its official YouTube channel to announce the game’s debut on mobile devices. The trailer sends a clear message to players: “Break the Lich’s time loop on April 30!” This highly anticipated release will be available on the Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple Store) digital application stores.

While the price of the game on mobile devices has not yet been confirmed, it is currently priced at 14.99 euros on other platforms. However, it is possible that a special price may be offered for the mobile release.

With its unique gameplay and captivating storyline, Loop Hero is sure to be a hit among mobile gamers. Its success on other platforms and the anticipation surrounding its mobile release make it a game to watch in the coming months. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure and break the Lich’s time loop on April 30th!

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