Highlighting the Business of Luxury Yachts

Highlighting the Business of Luxury Yachts

**Documentary explores the evolving world of luxury yachts**

The coveted luxury yachts, valued at 600 million euros, may come at a hefty price, but despite their immense consumption of diesel, the yacht business continues to prosper. As the current climate crisis poses an environmental threat, the boating industry is trying to reinvent itself through new technologies that provide an alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Interior designer Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino showcased her latest superyacht creations at the annual Superyacht Show in Monaco — amongst them, the sci-fi invention of Francis Lapp, a yacht that runs purely on solar energy.

The documentary provides an in-depth exploration of the developing world of luxury yachts, from its regal oligarch-linked superyachts, to green alternatives potentially powered by hydrogen.

Broadcast times:
DW Spanish LU 02.06.2023 – 21:15 UTCMA 02.07.2023 – 02:15 UTCMA 02.07.2023 – 07:15 UTCMI 02.08.2023 – 05:15 UTCMI 02.08.2023 – 10:15 UTCMI 02.08.2023 – 13:15 UTCMI 02.08.2023 – 17:15 UTCJU 02.09.2023 – 19:15 UTC La Paz UTC -4 | Buenos Aires UTC -3 | Mexico City UTC -6

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