Hezbollah claims 11 attacks on Israel, escalates border violence


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After another day of crossfire between Israel and Hezbollah, the IDF warned of doing “the same thing” in Lebanon that is seen in Gaza (Europa Press)

Israel and Hezbollah maintained another intense day of crossfire this Saturday. In the last few hours, the Lebanese militia claimed responsibility for some 11 attacks on military bases in the north of the Jewish State – precisely in the towns of Ramya and Metula – thanks to the use of unspecified “appropriate weapons”.

Israel attacked new posts of Hezbollah after two officers were injured by missiles fired from Lebanon. According to them, they achieved casualties on the enemy side although Israel has not yet confirmed this information. Likewise, Hassan Nasrallah’s formation reported the death of one of its fighters, Hassan Kamal Sorour, although it did not mention the place or conditions of his death.

The most intense part of the offensives occurred in the afternoon, when Hezbollah launched missiles guided against Defense Forces positions in the Chebaa farms – a disputed area that is under Israeli control – and the headquarters of the Third Infantry Brigade of the 91st Division. There are already 82 Hezbollah fighters killed since the 7th October following Israeli offensives (Europa Press)

In response to these attacks, Israel ordered maneuvers with its fighter planes over southern Lebanon, where several “command centers” of the Shiite group were neutralized. Israel is preparing to intensify its offensives on the northern border and prevent further attacks by Hezbollah. Likewise, the National Security Advisor in Tel Aviv reiterated the warnings that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Yoav Gallant issued to the Lebanese militia in recent days. for their involvement in the conflict.

Tzachi Hanegbi pointed out in recent hours that Beirut must prepare for an escalation in the offensives on the border soon since an Israeli victory also implies the neutralization of these objectives that threaten his country from another front.

“The residents will not return [al norte] if we do not do the same” against Hezbollah,” he said, referring to the persecution that troops are undertaking against Hamas in Gaza. “We can no longer accept that the Radwan force [de élite de Hezbollah] is operating on the border. “We can no longer accept that Resolution 1701 is not implemented,” he added.

This article dates from a resolution reached by the United Nations Security Council in 2006 that prohibits any presence of the militia within a radius of 30 kilometers of the border with Israel. Israel promised to do in Lebanon the same thing it is doing in Gaza to guarantee the security of its northern residents (Europa Press).

However, he said, this will not happen immediately since, for the moment, the Israeli brigades are concentrating their efforts on controlling the situation in both the north and south of the Palestinian enclave, where they are advancing steadily and are causing many casualties and annulments of enemy bases and weapons.

First “the situation in the north must be changed, and it will change” and “when the day comes” Israel must act to ensure that the residents of the north are no longer “displaced from their lands, and to guarantee that the situation [allí] has changed.”

In any case, Hanegbi did not rule out the possibility of reaching an agreement with the pro-Iranian armed group, which would avoid this escalation in the confrontations. “If Hezbollah agrees to change things through diplomacy, very good. But I don’t think that will be the case,” he said.

Israel is willing to reach peace with Hezbollah through diplomatic means although it does not see this scenario as very possible (REUTERS). “We are making it clear to the Americans that we are not interested in a war in the north but we will have no other alternative” if Hezbollah continues attacking as it has done since October 7, with the possibility of “in a matter of minutes” crossing the border and starting a massacre like the one on that Saturday.

Finally, he pointed out that if the Yemen’s Houthis remain in the same position, Israel will also act.

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